Sylvester Stallone to talk about his journey at TIFF


By Renu Mehta


Sylvester Stallone will speak about his journey at TIFF’s In Conversation With…(ICW) series. Presented by Visa, the ICW series aims at harnessing film’s power to inspire perspectives and profound change, according to Anita Lee, TIFF’s Chief Programming Officer. Stallone’s inclusion in the series is particularly noteworthy, given his towering presence in cinema history as a writer, director, actor, and producer.

From his breakthrough screenplay for Rocky (1976) to his portrayal of iconic characters like John Rambo, Stallone’s journey mirrors the inspirational narratives of his films. His roles in First Blood (1982) and Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) solidified him as an action hero. Additionally, his directorial efforts, such as Rocky Balboa (2006) and The Expendables (2010), showcase his versatility. Stallone’s participation in the ICW series promises insights into his extensive career, influence on the action genre, and his legacy in front of and behind the camera.

The ICW series exhibits the festival’s dedication towards engaging audiences and providing them with a platform for meaningful conversations with film icons.

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