Canada immigration-seekers don’t need all degrees assessed


Image courtesy: ElasticComputeFarm

Canada has eased documentation on educational qualifications recently, and the new rule will be applicable to many Indian citizens wishing to emigrate. Those who have a PhD do not need to send a bachelor’s or master’s degree for evaluation.

Many non-PhD applicants from India will need to submit additional credentials. Indian applicants who are sending in a master’s degree or postgraduate diploma to get assessed also have to send their bachelor’s degree. There are some exceptions: people with a Master of Education, Master of Engineering, Master of Philosophy, or Master of Technology degree.

Canada follows a system called educational credential assessment (ECA) of mapping residence-seeking applicants’ educational qualifications and drawing Canadian educational equivalence. In most cases, applicants only need an assessment for their highest level of education.ECAs submitted for immigration purposes must not be more than five years old when applicants submit their Express Entry profile or apply for permanent residence.

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