Crime in NYC down 4.1% as compared to November 2022 and shootings were down almost 19%


Mayor Adams and other NYC officials brief the media about the crime scene in the city

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New York, NY

Mayor Eric Adams along with his team which includes First Deputy Mayor Sheena Wright, Chief Advisor to the Mayor Ingrid Lewis‑Martin, Deputy Mayor for Operations Meera Joshi, Deputy Mayor for Housing, Economic Development and Workforce Maria Torres‑Springer, Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Anne Williams‑Isom, Deputy Mayor for Strategic Initiatives Ana Almanzar, Chief Counsel Lisa Zornberg, and New York City Police Department Chief of Crime Control Strategies Michael LiPetri, talked in detail about the crime scenario in November in the city of New York.

The crime was down 4.1% in the last month compared to November 2022. And shootings were down almost 19%. Michael LiPetri, chief, Crime Control Strategies, Police Department added, “The shooting incidents are down to 540 incidents and 668 victims. From two years ago, New York City has seen 668 less shooting victims this year from 2021.”

He continued, “Burglary for November was the lowest November in burglaries in 25 years in New York City. Car theft still is stubborn. We’re still single spikes in the Hondas, the Kias, and the Hyundais. We do attribute a lot of that to, you know, obviously the TikTok challenge, but we have seen more organized theft of motor vehicles throughout the city.”

“About gun violence, gun arrests continue to be at the highest levels. We are talking about over 4,100 gun arrests in New York City this year. Shoplifting for November and for the year, we still continue to see reductions. We’re up about 10 % in shoplifting arrests. But we’re down 10% in shoplifting crime. We’re actually putting officers on foot in and around New York City malls across all 5 boroughs,” he added.

Speaking at the media interaction, Chief Michael LiPetri, Crime Control Strategies, Police Department said that just from two years ago, the city right now from two years ago in shooting incidents for the year is down 540 incidents and 668 victims. “From two years ago, New York City has seen 668 less shooting victims this year from 2021. I know New York City is on pace for the fourth lowest number of shooting incidents in the CompStat era. That’s 30 years. So, the fourth lowest in the CompStat era,” LiPetri said.

Explaining the work, the police officer said: “Our holidays zones are in effect, so what does that mean? Well, that means there’s going to be hundreds of extra officers out there. It started the week of Thanksgiving. And we’re targeting the areas where we see, you know, pockets of shoplifting increases during the holiday months.”

“We’re in and around malls, something we really never did. We’re actually putting officers on foot in and around New York City malls across all five boroughs, in the parking areas, in the concourses, whatever it is to make New Yorkers feel safe and to also suppress those shoplifting crimes.”

“We’re looking at street robberies. We do see, unfortunately, an increase in street robberies with the holiday season. Pickpockets. You know, we put a pickpocket team out there for the tree lighting, and within the first couple of hours those officers made 12 arrests of known pickpockets. These are individuals known to us. That is not an easy arrest to make, that’s about prevention. We want to make the arrest before they actually go into somebody’s pocket, and we made 12 of those arrests. So, we actually see right now since the first week… The week of Thanksgiving, shoplifting complaints have decreased in and around the Rockefeller Center tree and Midtown Manhattan.”

“So, again, it’s to the men and women that go out there every day and do the tough job. You know, the mayor hit it, you know, we saw reductions in five out of seven; and again, we’re looking to strive to those pre-pandemic lows that New York City was lucky to have,” said the police officer.

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