‘Nupur Naad’ dance festival debuts in Los Angeles


Vidha Lal (L) and Prachi Dixit (R)

The Kathak dance festival shines spotlight on Guinness World Record holder Vidha Lal

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Los Angeles, CA

The Indian Classical dance festival, “Nupur Naad,” is set to make its debut in Los Angeles on October 15 after two successful annual editions, showcasing the talent of Vidha Lal, a distinguished Kathak dancer, and Guinness World Record holder for achieving 103 spins in 1 minute.

The Nupur Naad dance festival celebrates the diverse art form of Kathak and will take place at the James Armstrong Theater. The festival will commence with a student recital at 4 pm, followed by the premiere of “Ek Radha Ek Mira – a musical ballet,” choreographed by Vidha Lal and Prachi Dixit and musically composed by Ahsan Ali, Sarangi Maestro from New Delhi.

Vidha Lal, the featured dancer, is a renowned artist in the Indian Classical world, with recognitions from the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and an ‘A’ grade artist status from Delhi Doordarshan. She has earned accolades for her solo performances, such as the nationally renowned ‘Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar by the Sangeet Natak Academy (Government of India).

“We are delighted to have Vidha Lal grace our stage. Her mastery of the Jaipur Gharana style of Kathak is renowned for its intricate footwork, dynamic and energetic flair, rapid spins (chakkars), and complex compositions. She is a true exponent of the Jaipur Gharana carrying forward the cherished traditions of the ‘Lal’ Kathak dynasty,” said Prachi Dixit, Organiser and Founder of Nupur Academy LA, a non-profit organization.

Dixit is not only a dedicated teacher but also a talented performer and choreographer of Kathak dance. Under her guidance, the academy has thrived, actively participating in numerous performances, festivals, and events worldwide.

As per the release, the Nupur Naad dance festival takes its name from the essence of Kathak dance: ‘Nupur’ signifies the melodious bells that adorn the dancer’s ankles, while ‘Naad’ represents the resonating sound it produces, creating a harmony of sounds emanating from the dancer’s ghungroos or bells.

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