Indian Overseas Congress to conduct Mega events in 4 major cities of US


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New York, NY

The Indian Overseas Congress, USA, is planning to conduct 4 major events in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New Jersey to create awareness of the organization’s goals and objectives and increase its membership base.

As per the release, India is facing 5 state elections and a national election in the next few months, hence IOCUSA considers it essential to reach out to the diaspora to garner their support for democracy, freedom, and equal justice back home in India.

As per the release, India is increasingly facing religious polarization and unrest due to the ‘divide and rule’ policies of the current BJP government in power.

Thus, IOCUSA invites every Indian American concerned about the current state of affairs to come and join these 4 mega events that are being held closer to where one lives.

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