OFBJP Volunteers Organize Modi Ka Parivar March in Chicago


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Chicago, IL

OFBJP volunteers, on behalf of Dr. Adapa Prasad, OFBJP-USA President, organized a spirited Modi Ka Parivar march on Sunday, April 14, 2024, in Chicago. Over 200 Indian Americans in Chicago gathered at the famous and iconic Vivekananda place to express their solidarity and pledged that they are part of the Modi Parivar before embarking on a joyous and enthusiastic march.

The atmosphere was charged with enthusiastic supporters waving flags, banners, and placards adorned with messages of support for PM Shri Narendra Modi ji. The march was not only a display of solidarity but also a celebration of unity and shared values among the Modi Parivar.

Dr. Adapa Prasad commended the efforts of OFBJP volunteers and emphasized the importance of standing together in support of Prime Minister Modi’s vision for a prosperous and inclusive India.

Prominent Volunteer Amar Upadhyay Ji expressed his joy and satisfaction at the overwhelming turnout and stated, “It’s heartening to see so many people coming together to support our beloved Prime Minister. This march truly demonstrates the strength and unity of the Modi Parivar.”

The event saw participation from all Bharat states, diversified community leaders, and karyakarthas. Their presence further underscored the widespread support and solidarity within the Modi Parivar. Also, OFBJP Volunteers and Social Media Co-Ordinator Nirmala Reddy worked hard for the success of the march.

—Jayanti Oza

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