OFBJP Chicago and Bharatiya Seniors Of Chicago organizes event for Indian Lok Sabha Poll Results 2024


Dr. Bharat Barai explaining the positives from the election results - picture by Jayanti Oza

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Chicago, IL

On June 3rd, 2024, more than 900 Chicagoans together enjoyed the event held to watch the Indian Lok Sabha Poll results for 2024. Overseas Friends of BJP, USA in support with Bharatiya Senior Citizens, BSC of Chicago organized this event to witness this great and historical election counting result program for Indian Lok Sabha at Rana Regan Center in Carol Stream in Illinois.

The live streaming of TV channel broadcasting election results from India was arranged by the Bharatiya Senior Citizens of Chicago on an 85″ TV, and the program was shown till 9 PM as votes counting progressed. Along with the live TV program, food delicacies like Ragda Pattice, Tea, Coffee and water bottles were provided by the sponsors and BSC.

Krishna Bansal, Haribhai Patel, Dr. Bharat Barai holding the Tee Shirt ‘Modi ka Parivar’ with OFBJP volunteers – picture by Jayanti Oza

During the election results event, Rakesh Malhotra ji was giving every minute update on the stage. He said, “I would like to take this opportunity to profusely thank you all for your uninhibited support for BJP and Modi ji in India’s election campaign. We express our profound gratitude for your selfless hard work and giving time on all weekends since March 1st for about 3 months. Your laudable hard work brought us victory.”

Rakesh Malhotra ji and Vandana Jhingan providing minute by minute results update – picture by Jayanti Oza

He elaborated further, “Hearty congratulations to all of you for the sweet victory of BJP and NDA. It is really a historic victory as PM Modi ji will be taking oath for a 3rd consecutive term. This is happening after 1962 and we all will cherish this hard-earned victory.”

OFBJP volunteers manning the registration booth – picture by Jayanti Oza

Dr. Bharat Barai said I understand that we got little less than expected results but brought into focus many positives from the election results of Indian Lok Sabha in 2024. As BJP emerged as the single largest party with the combined opposition seat count being less than the single largest party, BJP. Further, no single largest party during the coalition era ever got a seat count as large as that of the BJP in 2024. BJP’s vote share in 2024 is the same as that of 2019, so its popularity has not changed. Moreover, BJP is forming the state government in Odisha for the first time and BJP won a seat in Kerala for the first time. In Telangana, BJP has doubled its seats from 2019 earning a big vote share with improved vote share in Tamil Nadu. BJP swept Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi and Odisha.

Chicagoan’s enjoying the poll results from India Lok Sabha elections in 2024 – picture by Jayanti Oza

There is no one reason for getting fewer seats and BJP as a party will assess the reasons and will make a course correction. But to our delight, Modi ji is taking oath for the 3rd consecutive time and he will continue his reforms and development work unhindered, he added further.

BSC President Haribhai Patel thanked all and said, “Your tremendous efforts in call campaigning, video creation, tweeting, social media sharing, and on-ground work. Your dedication has truly made a meaningful impact in the places where we focused our efforts for this crucial election.”

Big screen TV displaying Indian 2024 Lok Sabha election results and updates – picture by Jayanti Oza

“I am confident that under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi ji, we will see a bright future. Let’s continue to think about how we can improve and make even greater strides in future elections. Your hard work is deeply appreciated,” he added further.

A community leader, Krishna Bansal also thanked Vandana Jhingan (TV ASIA Midwest Bureau Chief), Prachi Jaitly, Jayanti Oza (News Media Journalist), food sponsors and BSC volunteers.

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