New book aims to shatter prejudices around human-dog relationships


The Adventures of Lori the Husky is a two-part dog adventure saga where five daycare puppies decide to defy all conventions and chase after their most cherished dreams.

Most “dog literature,” including dog movies and dog books, tends to revolve around the central axis of a sacred human-dog bond. A new dog book attempts to analyze this bond from various angles. 

Written by Krishna Vemuri and Dev Gupta and set in 2020 New Jersey, the book revolves around the story of Loki, a Siberian Husky who has intermittent dreams of his mother while growing up. The frequency of these nightmares thicken as days go by. After a point, Loki shares these dreams with Weekday and three other dogs at the daycare, Luke, Pixie, and Kiko. Over time, the five dogs assign themselves the title “F5.”

The authors say the idea of the book emerged when co-author Vemuri’s daughter gifted her parents a dog as they became empty-nesters. As the parents observed his dog Loki grow up to an adolescent, Vemuri stumbled upon the uncomfortable truth that Loki had to separate from his family to be with a human family, something that millions of dogs have to do–a decision, he says, dogs make consciously.


Vemuri quotes a few lines from the preface of the book: “Has anyone ever wondered how things would be if dogs got to call the shots? Would a dog mother ever let her baby go? Would a pup ever leave her mother’s side? Highly unlikely, because in their capacity to love, a human mother is a bear mother, is a whale mother, is a squirrel mother, is a dog mother.”

Cruelty to animals, both physical and emotional, is “an ongoing trend that needs to stop summarily,” the authors say. “There is a huge fan base of dog movies where a dog’s purpose is to live for the humans surrounding him. Some of the same fans are some of the most vocal animal rights activists in society. Very few realize that most of these dogs have to mandatorily leave their own families to be with human families. In a way, the mass scale optimization of this phenomenon results in gruesome dog breeding mills.”

The book rejects most prejudicial thoughts and notions formed from mainstream publication and feature films on dogs, they say.

The Adventures of Loki The Husky Vol-1 is the first of a two-part dog adventure book series on the adventures of five daycare dogs and the discovery of their greater mission. Published by Xlibris US, the book has been available for sale since December 8. The Adventures of Loki the Husky Vol-1 is now available on Amazon and all major online book stores in all the formats. 

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