Biden to speak at the virtual meeting of G7 countries


The G7 event is Biden's first major multilateral engagement after becoming the US President. (Image Source: Twitter/President Biden)

US President Joe Biden at the virtual meeting of G7 countries will speak about the Covid-19 pandemic,  global vaccination distribution, economic recovery, and China. 

According to the White House, US President Joe Biden on Friday will speak at a virtual meeting of the world’s major economies to discuss the Covid-19 pandemic and global vaccination distribution. A statement released by the White House stated that Biden will speak about the need for global response and recommitment of the United States to multilateral engagement. 

On Friday during his appearance at the G7 meeting, Biden will highlight the need for global coordination on vaccine production, distribution, and supplies, as well as global efforts to prepare for and protect against future pandemics. The White House said: “He will speak about the need for industrialized nations to ensure their economic recovery is inclusive and benefits all workers, including women and members of historically disadvantaged groups.” The United States has also pledged to join the COVAX initiative, which focuses on the production and distribution of vaccines to developing countries. 

The White House also said that Biden will take this opportunity to discuss the need to modify global rules “to tackle economic challenges such as those posed by China.” Biden has urged for the United States and its allies to negotiate a new trade pact to counter China’s influence in the region.

The G7 event is Biden’s first major multilateral engagement after becoming the US President. On the same day, he is also set to take part in a special edition of the Munich Security Conference, a meeting of global leaders focused on defense.

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