Helmed by Puneet Issar, Jai Shri Ram – Ramayan, the Broadway-style musical to tour US and Canada


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New Jersey, NJ

The epic Ramayana will now tour USA and Canada in Broadway-style musical, ‘Jai Shri Ram – Ramayan’. Following over 30 triumphant shows in India, the musical will be staged for audiences in the USA and Canada for the first time.

Crafted, written, produced, and directed by Puneet Issar and Siddhant Issar, the musical presents a cinematic experience on stage, in the USA and Canada, spanning cities such as Dallas, Bay Area, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Chicago, Houston, Toronto, Vancouver, Raleigh, North Carolina, Boston, and more from mid-April to May.

 “I am thrilled to premiere this grandeur act, offering audiences in the US and Canada a glimpse of Indian artistry and talent through this unforgettable epic narrative. This is not only an ancient Indian epic, the production also portrays human relationships, and values of humanity, steering clear of religious themes. This show is a must for today’s generation and I can’t wait to spread joy and entertainment through our performances. I am looking forward to forging new memories for sure,” explained Puneet Issar.

The grand Broadway-style extravaganza features a stellar ensemble cast, with Puneet Issar portraying Raavan, Vindu Dara Singh as Hanuman, Shilpa Raizada as Sita, and Siddhant Issar in the role of Ram.

Puneet Issar excitedly added “Jai Shri Ram – Ramayan is India’s longest-running Broadway-style musical extravaganza and making its debut in the USA & Canada, uniting global audiences in an unparalleled celebration of cultural richness. The idea behind this Broadway musical is to showcase and celebrate our Indian history, talent as well as artistry. After an incredible run in India, we are eager to amplify the excitement manifold as we embark on this fresh global stage experience.”

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