US Secretary of State addresses Indian American gathering


Ms Gina Raimondo said that India and America would lead the artificial intelligence revolution.

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Addressing a gathering of Indian Americans at the India House, US Secretary of State, emphasized on the importance of Artificial Intelligence in the days to come and how India and US will play a leading role.

The commerce secretary fondly remembered her Holi celebrations this year in India.

Ms Gina Raimondo, who visited India in March, said the best of India was at display during her visit, in terms of culture, tradition and celebrations. Her videos playing Holi and savoring Indian culture have been widely circulated.

Indian Ambassador to US, Taranjit Sandhu shared Ms Raimondo’s speech in which she described Prime Minister Modi as the most popular world leader who is unbelievable, and visionary, and his level of commitment to the people of India is just indescribable.

Earlier this year, India and the US announced partnerships in the fields of space, defense, semiconductors and next-generation technologies. The bilateral agreement is another example of the US bolstering ties in strategic areas with New Delhi

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