Microsoft to provide 20 lakh Indians with AI skilling opportunities by 2025: Satya Nadella


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Microsoft chief Satya Nadella announced that Microsoft will provide 20 lakh people in India with AI skilling opportunities by 2025. Nadella said AI can help boost GDP growth in the country and called India as one of the highest growth markets. He also pitched for greater cooperation between India and the U.S. on artificial intelligence regulations and other norms. According to Nadella, such a partnership can help in equal distribution of economic growth.

He was speaking with top Indian CEOs at Microsoft Future Ready Leadership Summit in Mumbai. Referring to the current AI revolution, Nadella said: “This is first time I feel what is happening in India and the rest of the world there is no gap. If anything, the use cases here are so unique and paving their own path.”

AI is a powerful new technology that needs to be ‘diffused’ fast to every corner of the world, Nadella said at an event organized by the company here. “I think it’s imperative especially for India and the United States to be able to cooperate, what are the norms, what are the regulations even, instead of fracturing them,” Nadella, who is on a two-day visit to the country, said.

Nadella stated, “You can only talk about tech as a real thing if it is going to have a real impact on the overall growth of an economy. Definitely today this is the highest growth market. You can see the buoyancy of it. The government and all of you have high ambitions of what’s going to happen by 2025 and what percentage of that growth is going to be driven by AI.”

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