“Need to establish Dos and Don’ts”: PM Modi, Bill Gates as they discuss Ethical AI


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New Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted important measures that should be taken while using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the contemporary technological world, and said that the world should establish some dos and don’ts for using this technology. He was meeting Bill Gates, at his residence.

“In a vast democratic country like India, the misuse of deep fake technology. For example, they may misuse my voice. It can initially deceive people, leading to widespread chaos. It’s crucial to acknowledge that deep fake content is AI-generated and mention its source,” PM Modi said while addressing the issue of deep fake.

“These measures are really important, especially in the beginning. We need to establish some Dos and don’ts. Moreover, one should first engage AI within a field of expertise. Simply utilising it because one is “tired” or overutilizing it is not the right approach,” he added.

In a candid conversation with the Microsoft co-founder at his residence PM Modi addressed the challenges posed by AI and underlined the significance of initially using watermarks on AI-generated content to make users aware and prevent misinformation.

“Addressing the challenges AI presents, I have observed that without proper training, there’s a significant risk of misuse when such powerful technology is placed in unskilled hands. I’ve engaged with leading minds of AI, I suggested that we should start with clear watermarks on AI-generated content to prevent misinformation. This isn’t to devalue AI creations but to recognize them for what they are,” PM said.

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