Prime Minister Narendra Modi responds to assassination claims, in an interview with FT


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New Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has responded to the claims made by the US of an Indian link to an alleged foiled assassination plot against Gurpatwant Singh Pannun. He said that he would ‘look into’ any evidence. He also added that ‘a few incidents’ would not affect the US-India ties.

“If someone gives us any information, we would definitely look into it,” Modi said in an interview with the UK-based newspaper ‘Financial Times’. These are his first public remarks since US federal prosecutors last month announced murder-for-hire charges against Nikhil Gupta.

“If a citizen of ours has done anything good or bad, we are ready to look into it. Our commitment is to the rule of law,” the Prime Minister said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi also raised concerns over extremist activities, and said, India was “deeply concerned about the activities of certain extremist groups based overseas”, adding, “These elements, under the guise of freedom of expression, have engaged in intimidation and incited violence,” Financial Times reported.

He said, “There is strong bipartisan support for the strengthening of this relationship, which is a clear indicator of a mature and stable partnership.”

“Security and counter-terrorism cooperation has been a key component of our partnership,” he told the FT.

“I don’t think it is appropriate to link a few incidents with diplomatic relations between the two countries,” Modi added.

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