Filmmaker Rahul Mittra shoots docu-series on top Indian-Americans across the US            


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Washington, DC

Well-known award-winning filmmaker and actor Rahul Mittra is currently filming a docu-series on prominent Indian Americans in the United States. Mittra’s production company Rahul Mittra Films along with American Bazaar, noted media company which is based out of Washington, DC and extensively covers the community in North America, is profiling some of the most prominent trail-blazers from varied fields amongst the diaspora across the US.                   

Indian-Americans have a long history in the US but their population was relatively small until the 1960s when a change in immigration policy helped lead to a migration boom of Indian tech workers. Over the generations, other family members also moved to the US.                           

Today, Indian Americans have become one of the most affluent & populous Asian-alone group in the United States, growing by over 50% to about 4.4 million in a decade, according to a new Census Bureau. With the 2024 US presidential election on the horizon, the Indian diaspora is expected to play a decisive role in American politics.                                          

The shoot for the multi-part series began a month ago & will premier in the US & subsequently worldwide in 2024.

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