Raja Krishnamoorthi is the proud recipient of the 2023 Roosevelt Leadership Award


This award honors the Indian American lawmaker’s bipartisan dedication and service to the people of America

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Mount Rushmore, SD

Illinois Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi was honored with the 2023 Roosevelt Leadership Award on Saturday. The event, which was held near Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, was organized by the Franklin Center for Global Policy Exchange and the Ripon Society.

The Roosevelt Leadership Award, inspired by the legacy of President Theodore Roosevelt, is bestowed upon leaders who exemplify qualities and characteristics reminiscent of the 26th president of the USA.

“I’m grateful to the Franklin Center and the Ripon Society for this honor as well as their continuing commitment toward working to bring members of both parties together to overcome the challenges facing our nation,” said Krishnamoorthi. “Our country has always had its divisions, but we are all united by our shared values as Americans, and it remains as true today as it has been throughout our history, that the only way to achieve enduring progress is to work together.”

This award recognizes individuals who display a strong sense of duty and service, driven by their love for the nation, and emphasizes a commitment to acting in the best interests of the American people, transcending party lines and personal credit.

The Franklin Center for Global Policy Exchange serves as a platform for collaboration among U.S. Congressional members, international parliamentary counterparts, diplomatic corps, foreign officials, private sector representatives, scholars, and other public policy experts.

Founded in 1962, the Ripon Society is a public policy organization named after the town where the Republican Party was established in 1854, Ripon, Wisconsin.

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