India an ‘extraordinary success story’: US Secretary of State Blinken


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Describing India as an ‘extraordinary success story’, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the policies and programs of Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been very beneficial to the people of India. Speaking at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2024 being held in Swiss ski resort of Davos, he also said US President Joe Biden and PM Modi enjoy excellent relations and their conversations cover all aspects, including US-India relations.

Hailing the expansion of bilateral ties between the two countries, Blinken said the US and India are always in constant conversations and those cover all aspects, including democracy and fundamental rights.

“The relationship between our countries is in a new place, at a new level. That has been the very deliberate effort of both Prime Minister (Modi) and President Biden who believes in this deeply,” Blinken affirmed, underscoring the commitment of the leaders of both nations to strengthen the ties between the United States and India.

“At the same time, a constant regular part of our conversation is the conversation about democracy, about rights,” Blinken added.

“When President (Biden) took office, he wanted to make sure that we put back into our foreign policy these fundamental concerns about democracy and about human rights. We do it in different ways in different places. In some places may be it is more overt, more vocal. Another is because of the nature of the relationship we may have with the country, it’s part of a very sustained very real conversation that produces positive change. That’s the case with India.”

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