US Embassy in India celebrates September as US India Dosti Month


Image courtesy: X (formerly Twitter) handle of The US Embassy

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Come September and there is a celebration in the air as US Embassy marks September as Dosti Month between the two countries. The US Senate designated September 30th as “U.S.-India Partnership Day,” recognizing the contribution of the two countries to one another and a relationship that continues to define the 21st century.

This month is planned with cultural exchanges, food trails, cross-cultural love stories and stories of finding success transcending the borders. Under this great initiative, American diplomats try their hands at Indian cooking. Bhindi masala, Quorma and Parathas were prepared under the guidance of Indian chefs. The lip-smacking flavours of Indian food as well as the friendship between the two countries flowed.

Under the ‘spice trail Series’ every Saturday, there will be unveiling of ‘sizzle and spice’ of Indian restaurants in the US. People-to-people relationships are the cornerstone of US India partnership. This month will be dedicated to the vibrant personalities, their stories and unforgettable connections that define the incredible USIndia bond. One such illustrious story has been of the Michelin-starred chef, Vikas Khanna, who introduced Indian cuisine to the US. The young man from Amritsar, who captivated the world with his culinary passion and innate talent, Chef Khanna’s journey to triumph is no less than a captivating movie script.

There is an extremely interesting ‘Sister Cities Spotlight’ series a connection is established between the two cities of US and India in terms of culture and cuisine and the threads that bind these urban siblings. As if this was not enough, incredible India is captured through the lens of American diplomats. Martha says, “Whether it’s a safari in Kaziranga or Ranthambore, a boat ride in Kerala, or the mountainous tea fields of Darjeeling, I look forward to any and all opportunities to explore with friends.

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