‘Panch Parmeshwar’ by Munshi Premchand and ‘Gaj, Foot, inch’ by KP Saxena – iconic Hindi plays performed in Atlanta


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Atlanta, GA

Dhoop Chaon group performed the plays, ‘Panch Parmeshwar’ based on a book written by the legendary Hindi author, Munshi Premchand. The book portrays the story of two childhood friends Jumman Sheikh and Algu Chaudhary. The Group also performed ‘Gaj, foot, inch’ penned by the iconic poet and writer, KP Saxena. It’s a humorous short play – the play is unique in its own ways as the humor of the play does not lie in the situation but rather the language that has been employed.

The consul Madan Ghildiyal applauded ‘Dhoop Chaon’ group for its endeavor to promote Hindi language.

Dhoop Chaoon is a group that promotes Hindi through dances and dramas and is run by local talents who have passion for theatre. Mrs Sandhya Bhagat, a talented and passionate person for Hindi Literature, started the group in 2007. The very first show was done for a local Hindi-speaking Senior Citizen group in Atlanta.

The show is entirely run by volunteers. As the name suggests, Dhoop Chaoon truly represents its name- dhoop (sunny) side when the artists come alive on the stage and put the stage on fire and the audience responds equally with their thunderous applaud and whistles and chan (shady) side which shows the struggle for its existence in this material world where everything is done on the ‘for profit’ basis.

Dhoop Chaaon group has about 70 members. Some of them are original members who helped the group the very first year and are still with the group.  

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