Opinion: All Eyes on Vivek Ramaswamy


He is a Republican candidate with the 360-degree potential to lead our nation

By Tom George Kolath

Do you know Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy? The most remarkable thing for me is how he has popped up on the scene in the same way as former President Barack Obama, as some have chuckled, also with a funny name. I never thought someone would parallel that trajectory again. I recall how Obama came before former First Lady Hillary Clinton as a “Rookie.”

Polished and poignant, debunking what pollers at the time had rallied behind her platform, differentiating himself as a stronger candidate. Doing so naturally and convincingly is unquestionably a remarkable orator like Vivek Ramaswamy.

While I would not contend that Obama’s leadership improved the country, he effectively sold his oratory skills to Americans. This is where I draw the comparison to these two. What appears to be the dynamic winning potential and worth backing Vivek Ramaswamy as our candidate?

Outside of being a great orator, the other comparison would be sharply different in comparing Ramaswamy to Obama, a quip with the former President being more like a middle school student. Vivek’s potential is that he has a silver tongue and the thick skin to fight back with clarity and additional facts to handle any situation. Starting with racism, which I believe will not affect him.

His roots are from the nation of a man who got kicked with a boot on his face in South Africa, the founder of “Nonviolence, “Mahatma Gandhi. “Historical royalty for positive change in a modern world. Improvements to humankind, philanthropy, and service.

Ramaswamy is also comical, lightening tough crucial conversations. When former NJ Governor Chris Christie called him ChatGPT, the comment in return was a smug, “Gimme a hug just like you did to Obama, and you’ll help elect me just like you did to Obama.” A country like America needs a good leader with resilience and a sense of humor. What I have seen so far gives me great confidence that he will revive America. Initially, he wanted to run only for President. Still, right now, he agreed that he also enthusiastically raised his hand in the debate with the willingness to work under Trump as his Vice President. That is the spirit of patriotism and respect for the Republican party and former President Trump.

If elected President, he would invite Elon to his advisory committee. There is more than talk and attitude; he has a respected educational pedigree with degrees from Harvard and Yale. Thanks to Harvard and Yale University for molding this vibrant, fearless young man for America. He is coupled with business success as an entrepreneur. It was reported to have had a net worth of around $15M before graduating from Yale Law School. This is evident in his skills and guts to tackle any challenges. Ramaswamy’s respect further moves me for President Trump.

Adding a more personal connection, I am not supporting Vivek because he is of Indian descent or brown skin, from his roots in Palakkad, or a billionaire businessman. Still, I found a great leader in him, a young man with a vision for America. The presidential hopeful’s family is from Palakkad, India. A region about a 15-minute drive from my place in Kerala, India, I am connected with his heritage and relish his character, accomplishments, and drive.

When all the other panels attacked him at the debate, he always maintained a calm smile. A qualifying test on how he would handle foreign policy situations, calm and composed. A parallel to what I believe to be Trump’s best quality is making enemies with his friends, for example, South Korea’s Kim Jun and Russian President Putin, and aiming to bridge rivalries between the Middle East and Israel. Vivek Ramaswamy is competent to continue improving global relations between adversaries.

Put your eyes on Vivek Ramaswamy. He has that fire and vision. To make good decisions and execute effectively in a bipartisan way. It won’t be a slam dunk, but his opponents will not take his political smashes. He is standing firm for America! When a news anchor asked him what he would do in Ukraine, he responded that protecting Ukrainian and Russian borders is crucial.

Still, his priority is to protect American borders. He is not a super PAC puppet. Open borders means no borders. This dynamic orator emphasizes faith, family, and patriotism. While Hindu, he stresses that he respects and shares the same “Judeo-Christian values” that our founding fathers built America and has inclusive messages for all in this great nation. Ramaswamy’s ideas are practical, not outlandish, and will excel within the president’s powers, proving naysayers wrong.

The views are personal and do not reflect the editorial position of The Indian Eye.

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