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Vaishnav Temple of New York held its annual Annakut festival as part of Diwali Celebration. Annakut celebration was attended by more than 2,500 devotees. The festiveness was enjoyed by all ages both young and old. All devotees were invited to take Mahaprasad before leaving the temple.

Anil Shah, the trustee of the temple, said: “With the divine grace of God we have some many devotees participated in today’s Annakutotsav.  I really appreciate my Trustees, Board members, Temple committee and volunteers for their hard work.”

President Jaymin Shah stated that the Vaishnavs celebrate Annakut because this day Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan Hill on his fingertips to save the people of Vrindavan from nature’s fury. Annakut, or mountain of food, is symbolic of the Govradhan Hill.

Special Guest Deputy Commissioner Dilip Chauhan mentioned in his speech: “I command the great volunteers work to organize such an amazing Annakutotsav.  I appreciate the President Jaimin Shah   as well as Trustee Anil Shah for putting this amazing event together. This event cannot be possible without tireless work from the volunteers.”

The current Trustee Board members are Anil Shah – Chairman, Harshad Patel, Arvind Dharia, Govind Akruwala, Govind Butala, Harish Parikh, Hiten Shah, Mayur Shah, Mukund Mehta, Narendra Shah, Dr. Padmakant Shah, Pravin Parikh, Rohit Sakaria, Setu Shah, Vinod Shah. President – Jaimin Shah, Vice Presidents are Atul Sakaria, Manish Shah, Parthiv Shah, Pradip Parikh, Secretary – Kumar Mathuria, and Treasurer – Pravin Parikh.

Established in 1988, The Vaishnav Temple of New York is the first traditional ‘Pushtimargiya’ temple in North America. We have been fortunate enough to have Shri Govardhannathji Prabhu enhance our lifestyles by his presence in New York for For more than twenty-five years through our beloved temple.  The Vaishnav Temple of New York holds many religious activities every year.

The Vaishnav Temple of New York also, serves as community service center whose purpose is to enrich people lives. Vaishnav Temple of New York participates in many community services such as Senior Citizen Center, Computer Classes, Gujarati Class, Yoga Class, and Health Fairs. Vaishnav temple also supports HELP (Human Enrichment by Love & Peace) which aids those struggling after facing natural disasters.

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