Prajapati Samaj’s global love convention was held in Downs Grove town of Chicago, USA


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Chicago, IL

For the first time in the history of America, about 700 Prajapati families from all over the United States gathered on July 29, 30 in Downs Grove town near Chicago as part of the convention. A lovely family group picture with the families of the committee members was taken by Jayantibhai Oza, a News media journalist photo/videographer in Chicago.

Ajay Musical Lovers Group performing Garba

TV Asia Midwest Bureau Chief Mrs. Vandana Jhingan took TV interview of committee members and Sanjay Rawal Motivation Speaker and Life Skill Guru interview followed by  Pinakinbhai V Oza, Snehalben Pinakinbhai Oza who lives in Mehsana and North Carolina for donating the highest amount of $21,001; Dineshbhai Bababhai Prajapati and Varshaben D Prajapati (Dangarwa) of Florida for their donation of $7001 and Ashwinbhai B Prajapati and Santu Ben A Prajapati (Kadwasan), New Jersey for their donation of $5,555 and Raj Bhai A. Jinjuwada, Dineshbhai P Prajapati and Kailashben D Prajapati Detrojpura/OH and Shri Prahaladbhai G Prajapati, Shantaben P Prajapati (Khataamba/GA) for donating $5001 and Rajendrabhai K Prajapati and Anishaben R Prajapati (Rajpur/GA) For donating $3111.

Prajapati Parivar of USA members enjoying Garba

After that other committee members performed deep pragatya and aarti by Fulhar, Thal, Aarti and Garba Ras Dandiya.  After dinner, a unique magic program for children was held on the second day. Gifts were given to the donors from the US and a program was held to introduce the families who came to the convention. The chief guest, Sanjay Rawal from India who was the chief guest speaker, Life Skill Guru, gave a speech program.

Prajapati family of USA honoring  wife of Sanjay Rawal (Motivation Speaker)

Sh Sanjay Rawal gave a very good speech to maintain the generosity of Prajapati Samaj and the unity of the society. Chandamal Komawatji, chairman of Manish Media, a well-known and popular member of Prajapati Samaj, was present with his family. During this convention, a popular book, based on the life of Shri Vijay Devaratnaji Mistry who hails from Belimora and now settled in the USA, was released by Shri Chandamal Komanwaji.

 Aarti Sponsor, who donated, $16501 Mr Sanjaybhai K. Prajapati (Charada) Maryland USA and Harshadbhai P. Prajapati (Adivada) Maryland USA

Everyone in Prajapati society felt a sense of pride. Children presented a lovely program bringing out the various talents hidden in the children.

Riya (Saldi), Jinal (Saldi), Riya (Akhaj) are doing Bollywood dance.
Teethi Prajapati performing Kathak

At the end of the program, Dineshbhai Prajapati thanked everyone for the arrangement of Hotel Motel for families from all over the USA by him and the committee team. A 2-minute prayer was held for the committee member Ramu Prajapati and his wife Heenaben, who passed away in a car accident in Canada.

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