35th colorful Sikh Day parade held in New York city


Madison Avenue, NY

A Sikh Day parade was organized in New York City over the weekend to celebrate the Vaisakhi. The 35th Annual Sikh Day Parade began on Saturday morning on Madison Avenue.

The New York Sikh Council hosts the parade each year alongside Sikh sangats, gurdwaras and Sikh organizations.

Attendees marched and danced for several blocks, ending the parade with a large traditional meal called “langar.”  Sikh martial arts demonstration were also held, even in rainy weather.

“Today’s a celebration of Vaisakhi, so a celebration of the creation of our faith, and we are here celebrating,” paradegoer Harkamal Singh said.

Aim to make the people aware about the community, about the culture, the religion and the language,” local activist Harpreet Singh Toor said.

This year, the celebration is even more special, as earlier this week, it was a big moment for Sikhs in New York after the state senate passed a resolution declaring April 2023 Sikh Awareness Month.

“That’s a really proud moment, really, really proud. Especially for the youngsters. When they will grow up like us, they will know someone was there who did something for them,” community member Rajwinder Kaur

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