Temple in Lyndhurst organizes outdoor events for hundreds


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Lyndhurst, NJ

New Jersey is blessed with many temples and places for worship. Maharashtra’s favorite deity Shri Vithoba and Rakhumai temple, Sant tradition was certainly missed all this time in New Jersey. This year since May 21st, 2023, SACRED a Non-Profit foundation’s Vitthal Mandir US has built a temple in residential premise at Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

SACRED’s first outdoor event on the occasion of Pandharpur Waree was held on June 24th at Lake Papaianni Park, with 600 devotees who participated in an auspicious Waree walk with surround sound of Hari path chanting, Jaloosh -Dhol Tasha, Lezim and took darshan of Saint Dynaeshwar Mauli Paduka in colorful flowers cladded Palakhi. 

About 300+ Varkari(s), Dindi Leaders who walked from 1 to 4 miles each day outdoors in their neighborhood from 11th June to 29th June to mimic the Warkari(s) who walk a distance of about 161 miles from Alandi to Pandhurpur to visit Vitthal Temple on the occasion of Aashadi Ekadashi. About 150 Devotees also visited Vithoba and Rakhumai temple at Lyndhurst on June 29th to celebrate Aashadi Ekadashi.

“SACRED foundation has a Vision to empower all people to live a compassionate, healthy, and fulfilling life through material and spiritual well-being, Mission to bring the Sanatan religious, spiritual, cultural, and educational heritage of the Indian state of Maharashtra to the United States and in our ancient tradition, a temple serves as an integrated space that meets the social, religious, educational, and material needs of society in a holistic manner,” said a statement from the foundation.

Temple trustees Shri. Bhau/Bhalchandra Kulkarni, Shri. Anand S. Chouthai and Shri. Pravin Patil are confident that this temple will bring this revered tradition to help and support our devotees in the United States.

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  1. Please let me know the location where you will be building the Temple, and how soon the project foundation Muhurt Ceremony will be. I wish the organizers my congratulations. Hope you have organizational contact in vitro a temple for Sanatan Vedic dharma (Hindu).Dharmantar is happening rapidly and preservation is important. …United we stand among our communities.

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