Protest by Kashmiri separatist groups failed to evoke any response


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New York, NY

Demonstrations were carried out by Kashmiri separatist groups led by JKLF (USA chapter) at Times Square in New York on August 5 to protest on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of the revocation of Art 370 on Jammu & Kashmir. The protests which started at 5 pm hardly evoked any response as even the tourists did not pay any attention to their shouting.

The demonstrations by Pak groups were further muffled by audiovisuals being displayed on the LED screens of some vehicles that were seen doing rounds of Times Square.  It was gathered that the vehicles were arranged by the Indian diaspora to highlight massive development and demographic dividends in Jammu & Kashmir post-Aug 05, 2019, revocation of special status. The visuals highlighted the motto of ‘ One Nation, one Constitution, one Flag and One Market’. 

All 890 central laws are now applicable in J&K with unjust and discriminatory laws removed. It also showcased big boost for sports infrastructure in J&K, and the Prime Minister’s Development Package of 53 projects worth millions aimed at broadening social inclusion, good governance, accelerating development, and empowering the private sector.

Altogether 50 people attended including 15 ladies. No Sikh individual or organization attended. Almost a year has passed without Sikhs’ participation. Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai of World Kashmir Awareness Forum, who came from Washington DC, was either very tired or depressed. It looks like he doesn’t have much support in his hometown area because for any small activity in NYC, he drives from the DC area.

While Pak-sponsored protests on the Kashmir issue have become more of a ritual for the diaspora and its leaders to seek the attention of their political masters, it has failed to gather traction at the international level due to its propagandist character in the hands of vested quarters.

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