USISPF chairman calls PM Modi world’s best leader


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Washington/New Delhi

USISPF chairman John Chambers has designated Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the “best leader in the world today.” Chambers, a former tech titan, highlighted PM Modi’s impressive 76% approval rating and his adeptness in establishing trust.

Chambers expressed his admiration for PM Modi, emphasizing the absence of a political leader in the US with over 50% approval. “One thing about your prime minister, and obviously I’m a huge fan. I think he’s the best leader in the world today. And I wish we had somebody like that in the US.”, Chambers said in the interview.

Chambers underscored the importance of a leader’s track record and said, “If you think about a leader, it’s about their track record. It’s about their relationships and trust. He’s formed a relationship with every political leader we’ve had in the US.”

In December 2023, USISPF president and CEO Mukesh Aghi noted that the diplomatic momentum from visits by PM Modi and US President Joe Biden paved the way for a “concrete strategic roadmap” and new initiatives between the two nations. These initiatives comprise of areas such as clean energy cooperation, education, space collaboration, semiconductors, quantum computing, drone technology, and artificial intelligence. Joint projects, including the manufacturing of GE F-414 jet engines in India, were accelerated, placing India in the elite club of countries with such manufacturing capabilities.

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