Shyla Raghav is the new Chief Climate Officer at TIME for Climate Action


One of the youngest and one of the few minority women at the forefront of the climate movement in the US

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New York City, NY

TIME magazine has announced the name of Shyla Raghav, an Indian American as a specialist and an advocate for climate change, appointing her as its chief climate officer, based out of New York.

Shyla’s professional life has centered around and pursuing climate action and finding solutions. She has 15 years of expertise in climate change policy, coalition building, international climate finance, and conservation of the earth’s natural systems to protect the environment, as per the release.

Simon Mulcahy, the TIME president of Sustainability in a note to staff said, “Shyla will focus on building on our momentum and expanding our climate programs and community, as well as further evolving TIME’s own climate goals and journey.”

“This promotion is not just a recognition of Shyla’s great work to date, it’s as much a proof point of TIME’s dedication to climate action. TIME is committed to the critical role of the media to inspire and enable climate action. To date, we have launched the TIME CO2 Earth Awards, our amazing Advisory Council, and our Climate Futures Program,” Mulcahy wrote.

Shyla was instrumental in the design and launch of a ground-breaking product, the TIME CO2 Planet Portfolio, during her tenure at TIME as chief portfolio and partnership officer of TIME CO2. This resulted in combining climate, nature, and community projects into a single portfolio of high-quality programs for ease of direct funding as an alternative to offsetting.

Her prior role was at the position of vice president for Climate Change at Conservation International, responsible for the company’s climate change strategy and climate action coalitions. This included supporting the Maldives, leader of the Alliance of Small Island States, during the negotiations on the Paris Climate Agreement.

“I know her expertise in this space will be critical to reaching our shared goal of building an impactful and thriving climate program at TIME and helping ensure we hit our goals on TIME’s climate journey,” Mulcahy elaborated further.

Shyla has delivered a popular TEDx talk on reimagining climate change and sacrifice. Shyla has studied applied ecology and international relations at the University of California, Irvine, and earned her master’s degree in environmental management from Yale University.

Shyla is one of the youngest and one of the few minority women at the forefront of the movement in the U.S. She led the development of a carbon calculator as a way of giving consumers the power to fight climate change in their personal lives.

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