‘MIND BODY CROSS’ by Dr Tarun Wasil launched in US


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New York, NY

In a glittering high profile event held in New York at The Mint, Dr Tarun Wasil, author released his book, Mind Body Cross and said, “My book talks about the effects of the positive or negative interactions on the body that can affect how we react to a symptom or a disease state and how we can harness this knowledge in getting a therapeutic effect in day-to-day clinical practice. This can be done not only by a compassionate health care professional but also by any caring individual around the patient – a good friend or a concerned family member. It stresses the need to stay focused on the standard treatments and add this knowledge of mind body interactions”.

The book also addresses the issue of how stress can make an adverse effect on our immune system and on the cellular machinery to cause a disease state. Furthermore, there are studies to show that mindful techniques such as yoga, meditation, prayers, Tai-Chi, Reiki and others can help us reverse those changes and keep us healthy.

This book is a good read for not only for the health care professionals but also for patients, their family members and other lay people as well. It is based on the observations on the patients in various clinics and whatever I could learn from those patients.

Several senior colleagues have given their comments on the book. That includes Drs. Kanti R Rai, Dattatrey Nori, Pravin Singhal, Raj Narayan, Tina Narayan, Sunil Mehra, Rajesh Kakani, Smita Lodha, Bal Gilja amongst others. Mr. Balram Kakkar who is a not a physician, also has given positive remarks on Amazon.

This book acknowledges that our minds get influenced by social interactions and can have impact on our thought processes, beliefs and expectations.  If we are surrounded by good company, the mind gets positive stimulation and that in turn gives beneficial effect to the body and vice versa. So, you are not only known by the company you should keep but also the one you should keep away from.

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  1. Anna Pullini says:

    Dr wasil’s book was so informative as a lay person I found it easy to understand and fascinating I recommend it for all to read

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