Singers pay tribute to Lata Mangeshkar at Shraddhanjali hosted by Radio Zindagi


More than 250 music lovers join the event to pay their tribute to the Nightingale of India. Top singers from the US dedicate a song each in their voice from her 50,000- long list of collection

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“Lataji will live forever. She is a living legend and will be in our hearts forever. Her voice will reverberate across the world till music is alive,” said Sunil Hali, the Promoter of Radio Zindagi network at a classy event organized by Radio Zindagi in Royal Albert’s Palace on February 9, 2022.

More than 250 music lovers joined the event to pay their tribute to Lata Mangeshkar, the Nightingale of India. The event was a Shraddhanjali to Lata, the Queen of Melodies. At the event, top singers from the US paid tribute to the legendary singer by dedicating a song each in their individual voice from her 50,000 long list of collection.

The event was hosted by Sanjiv Pandya and Annie Arora who spoke about the life of the singer from 1928 till the last day. Lata Mangeshkar was loved by all. It was so obvious as the guest sat through the evening appreciating each and every singer for the classic songs of Lata sang by them one by one. Every song reminded the gathering of her legacy and extraordinary voice. And every artist received unprecedented applause from the audience.

Dr H. R. Shah was the Chief Patron and the event received full support from patrons including Nilesh Dasondi, Dr Raj Pandya, Amit Vedawala, Albert Jasani, Shobhana Patel, Seema Jagtiani, Mukesh Kashiwala, Sharad Wala and Bobby Singh.   

Radio Zindagi presented a memento to honor each artist and their support team — a hand drawn image of Lata Mangeshkar on canvas.

All Photos by ASHISH NIGAM

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