US Congresswoman Grace Meng pitches for Diwali as a federal holiday


To ensure that US holidays are a true reflection of the communities in the nation.

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Washington DC

Congresswoman Grace Meng has made a strong pitch for Diwali to be declared a federal holiday, as Diwali is celebrated by millions of Americans from various faiths and religions including Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jains.

Meng, a lawyer-turned-politician, who represents the sixth Congressional District of New York, has placed the Diwali Day Act in the US House of Representatives, for declaring Diwali as a federal holiday in the US.

“It’s not just about a day off. It is about making sure that people beyond those who celebrate Diwali, truly understand the holiday and the culture and the contributions of the so many people who celebrate Diwali,” Meng said holding the role of Indian Americans as pivotal to the growth of the nation.

As a kid growing up in Queens, New York City, Meng said she always desired to make sure that US holidays are a true reflection of the communities in the US.

“It is important to me as an Asian American that Diwali, which is a holiday that is celebrated by hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and billions of people literally around the world, that we are able to have this day off,” the 47-year-old Democrat said.

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