Deepti Sharma explains what sets her campaign apart


Queens city council candidate says she is focused on creating a campaign around the message of unity and service

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Queens, NY  

Deepti Sharma is one of the six candidates in NYC City Council District 24’s February 2nd Special Election, and one of five South Asian American candidates. Sharma is a lifelong resident of the District, which comprises many diverse communities, including a large South Asian population. As a mother and small business owner, Deepti is a long-time advocate for policies that benefit these communities.

As the founder of FoodtoEat, a tech company focused on growing immigrant and minority-owned businesses, and as a daughter of immigrants, Sharma understands the struggles and issues faced by these communities, the biggest being a consistent lack of representation.  Sharma has led a campaign focused on service, where every week she is volunteering at a food bank, shelter, or community center within her district. Most recently, her campaign partnered with Muslims Giving Back to donate food at the ICNA Markaz. 

Deepti Sharma, founder of FoodToEat,delivering meals at a hospital in Bronx, New York City

She also actively seeks to hear from community members on their priorities. Recently, she spent time at the Sikh Center of New York in Parsons Blvd, listening to what community leaders are hearing from residents. 

“I’ve always said you cannot be what you cannot see. I am committed to being the elected official that will make sure every community has a seat at the table, especially those who have. Now more than ever, we need pragmatic leaders, willing to roll up their sleeves, and do the work. And to be successful, we need input and involvement from the community. My campaign recently launched its #24IdeasForCD24, where we release an idea or policy that I am committing to fighting for and implementing for the betterment of my constituents. One of the ideas is the establishment of advisory councils, including a South Asian specific one, so that I can always remain updated on community needs and focus on solutions for a better Queens.” 

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