Faction fighting in AAPI threatens reputation and unity of prestigious Indian organization


Founded in 1982, AAPI also acts as a bridge for good relations between India and US (File photo)

Suspension of Treasurer from AAPI by the executive committee for alleged irregularities sparks a major controversy

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A crisis is brewing in AAPI, one of the oldest and most prestigious organization of Indian-American community in the US. A controversy around the issues of organizational elections in the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin threatens to engulf the group which represents a conglomeration of more than 80,000 practicing physicians in the US and also acts as an important bridge between India and the US.

Though factional bickering is not unknown in the group founded in 1982, the latest crisis has taken an ominous turn.

According to sources in AAPI, who spoke to The Indian Eye strictly on the condition of anonymity, the controversy took a dramatic turn when Dr Sreeni Gangasani, who was treasurer of AAPI, shot an email to all the executive committee (EC) members following his suspension from the organization for alleged irregularities.

Earlier, the sources said, the Ethics and Grievance Committee of AAPI held a meeting on March 3, 2024 to discuss the misconduct of Dr Gangasani and unanimously recommended suspension of his AAPI membership. Based on the recommendation of ethics committee, an emergency meeting was held by the executive committee of AAPI. In the meeting held on March 3, 2024, Dr Gangasani was suspended as AAPI member by the majority of Executive Committee (EC) of AAPI, according to sources.

The AAPI governing body has not issued a public statement on the developments within the organization as yet.

According to a source, following his suspension, Gangasani expressed his “deep disappointment and frustration with the decision to wrongfully” approve his suspension “without full access to facts and proceedings”.

According to a highly-placed source in the organization, Dr Gangasani sent a strongly-worded email to all EC and some other AAPI members in which he accused the  members of EC and Ethics and Grievance committee of taking away his “fundamental rights” and “denying to provide” his side of the story and only “relying on non-factual information”.  

In the mail, said the source strictly speaking on the condition of anonymity, Dr Gangasani has demanded a “full and fair investigation” into the matter and a reversal of the decision to suspend him immediately.

The controversy and Gangasani’s suspension are related to the bank accounts and payments, said the source, adding that in her response to Dr Gangasani’s mass email, Anjana Samadder, President of AAPI, has accused him of “continuous bullying” through phone calls, emails and in person.

In her response, said the source, Dr Samadder has also denied that action was taken against Gangasani in an improper manner. Dr Gangasani was given ample opportunities to present his side but he ignored all the deadlines, the AAPI president is believed to have written in her email to Dr Gangasani, said the source.

The issue surrounding the suspension of Dr Gangasani is not the only issue plaguing the organization founded in 1982. On March 7, 2024, request for an emergency temporary restraining order (TRO) moved by some members was denied by Arbitrator John C Griffin.

With elections for AAPI executive committee due this year, the raging controversy threatens to dent the image of one of the most prominent Indian organizations in the US.

3 Replies to “Faction fighting in AAPI threatens reputation and unity of prestigious Indian organization”

  1. Raghuveer Kura says:

    It is disheartening to witness the current state of affairs within AAPI, where factional bickering and allegations of misconduct have taken a prominent role. As a community that prides itself on its elite intellect and accomplishments, it is truly unfortunate to see our diaspora being let down by internal conflicts and groupism.

    The situation is particularly distressing considering the upcoming elections for the AAPI executive committee. Such controversies have the potential to tarnish the organization’s image, which has been a significant platform for Indian professionals in the US for many years. there are many important issues that take priority, like immigration status of physicians who are coming into the United States and waiting for decades to get a status.. Aapi has lost its focus from what is important to who is important.

    It is essential for the members involved to prioritize unity, transparency, and fair investigation to address these issues effectively. Only by working together and upholding the values that AAPI stands for can we regain the trust and confidence of our diaspora and continue to make a positive impact in the Indian community.

  2. Daram Reddy says:

    Tribalism Has creeped in to AAPI. We have to Elect People who Are Competent & Committed To Advancement Of concerns of Physicians of Indian Origin instead of Personal Promotion.
    This is My 2Cents.

  3. Damodhar Nerella says:

    It’s very sad situation. We all should work together to bring back the peace and harmony of this great organization.
    Since we came to USA we should leave all the regional, language and caste issues and work together as Indians .
    Let’s bring it back together 🙏

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