Supreme Sikh Spiritual Leader Giani Raghbir Singh felicitated in Chicago


Sahab Giani Raghbir Singhji with Baba Daljit Singh, Harry Mohan and Shilpa Mohan family

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Chicago, IL

Supreme Spiritual head of Sikh faith Giani Raghbir Singh who is a head Granthi of India’s Golden Temple, the Jathedar of the Akal Takht and the highest temporal seat of Sikhs was felicitated at the highest level in Chicago with United States Congressman Hon. Raja Krishnamoorthi and Consul General of India Mr. Somnath Ghosh joining high ranking community and business leaders in the felicitation ceremony organized and hosted by Harry & Shilpa Mohan on May 4, 2024, in Kildare, Illinois.

This reverential felicitation ceremony elicited words of praise and honor for Giani Raghbir Singh as a spiritual leader who commands highest respect as a spiritual guide and an educator in Sikhism. Consul General of India Chicago, Mr. Somnath Ghosh and Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi delivered special remarks that shed light on the significance of bilateral relations, community empowerment, and global cooperation and the role of faith in inspiring purpose and strengthening the society.  Consul General of India Somnath Ghosh and US Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi in genteel conversation thanked spiritual leader Giani Raghbir Singh for his visit to Chicago and praised him for his inspirational life of devout faith in Sikhism.

Soft-spoken Sahab Giani Raghbir Singhji bestowed blessings upon the gathering and gave a brief spiritual discourse that reflected his deep spiritual wisdom emphasizing the timeless values of Sikhism and their relevance in contemporary society. Sahab Giani Raghbir Singhji graciously engaged in conversation and praised the Indian diaspora for their eminent role in promoting peace, love and harmony through faith. Sahab Giani Raghbir Singhji said he looked forward to continued engagement with the Indian community leaders in forging new connections and deepening the friendships.

Earlier, Harry Mohan and Shilpa Mohan welcomed the distinguished guests of honor and profusely thanked Spiritual leader Giani Raghbir Singh ji for his historic visit to Chicago. Harry Mohan said this spiritual leader’s visit has deeply touched the hearts of devotees of Sikh faith and inspired them to join in advancing peace, love and harmony in the world of strife and unrest. Harry Mohan offered special words of praise for the Consul General of India Mr. Somnath Ghosh and US Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi for their distinguished presence.

Ajeet Singh, President of Indian American Business Council joined the hosts in welcoming Sahab Giani Raghbir Singhji to Chicago and said his visit marks a new chapter, a new beginning that builds bonds of new relationship; and assured of the unbroken bonds of faith-based comradery with the renowned spiritual leader. 

The exceptional gathering of several prominent leaders includes Dr. Sreenivas Reddy, Chairman of Illinois Medical Board, Vinesh Virani, Nag Jaiswal, Mrs. Santosh Kumar, Neil Khot and many others offered words of praise and appreciation for his visit to Chicago and said they are inspired by his life of piety and exceptional spiritualism.

This exclusive felicitation reception brought together a distinguished class of people of different faiths including diplomatic, political, business and spiritual spheres under one roof that helped foster exchange of dialogue, camaraderie, and community cohesion. The leaders engaged with spiritual leader Giani Raghbir Singh ji on various contemporary topics spanning cultural diplomacy, civic engagement, and spiritual enlightenment. The reception concluded with lunch.

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