South Asian Democratic Club hosts event in support of Sam Joshi


Sam Joshi at an event organized by South Asian Democratic Club


Leaders from various communities laud young leader’s vision for the city 

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Edison, NJ

The South Asian Democratic Club hosted an event in support of Sam Joshi on Thursday, May 27, 2021, at Akbar Restaurant in Edison, NJ. Joshi is running for the Democratic Primary slated for June 8.

There were about 300 leaders from various communities, including Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Nepali and Bangladeshi. Every group had a singular opinion about Sam Joshi as a “young, transparent and with true understanding” of Edison. He has grown up in Edison, studying in a local school while working in government and gaining insight to the functioning. He has a clear vision on the needs of local residents.

Among the attendees and those who endorsed the candidate were Frank Pallone, Congressman; Robert Karabinchak, Assemblyman; Pat Diegnan, Senator; Sterley Stanley, Assemblyman; Claribel Cortes, County Surrogate; Shanti Narra, County Commissioner; Ronald Rios, County Commissioner; and Chanelle Scott McCullum, Country Commissioner.

Every leader from Democratic Party spoke highly about Sam Joshi and urged everyone to vote and support him. They insisted to go out and spread the word among their contacts. The focus of Every speaker was racial divide and the pain spread in last few years. Sam Joshi, as the energetic Mayor, is the hope to heal the wounds and unite the town which is not only historic but involves multi-ethnic immigrants from different countries who have made Edison their home.

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