MySangi holds its annual gala as a virtual musical extravaganza


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MySangi held its annual gala: a virtual Musical extravaganza on Sunday, 13th December via Zoom meeting. The annual gala musical entertainment was attended by over 50 donors, supporters, well-wishers, members, and board of advisors of MySangi including Mr. Dipak Shah, Chairman of FISANA (Federation of Indo-American Seniors association of North America), Jaipat Jain and Dr Jayshree Winters. The other board of advisor, Padmashree Dr Sudhir Parikh was unable to attend the event and sent best wishes to all.

Rajul Shah, President and Founder of MySangi opened the virtual annual gala by welcoming all and thanking the members and supporters for attending the musical entertainment event. She mentioned of many plans for 2021, once the new normal returns allowing to hold face to face gatherings. She encouraged members to send suggestions for MySangi to expand its activities and to grow further. Dr Kanan Patrawalla, Vice President of MySangi thanked the attendees and donors for supporting MySangi’s cause since its inception in 2016. She emphasized the importance of spreading awareness of the pioneer support system platform created by MySangi of meeting and supporting each other, networking, joining in workshops and participating other activities conducted by the organization. She mentioned about the virtual meetings being held every month and the meet-up groups meeting frequently during the current pandemic environment. Prakash Shah, acting Treasurer presented financial status of the organization and encouraged all to donate generously supporting the cause and activities of MySangi.

Ila Shah, Secretary of MySangi welcomed and introduced a renowned artist in the Tri- state Indian community – Umesh Patel, well-known music teacher and a professional singer for singing old and new Bollywood tunes and a variety of other songs. The evening entertainment provided by Umesh included live music accompanied with karaoke songs and lyrics that fired up the crowd listening and dancing in their homes to popular favorite Bollywood tunes. He interacted with the audience by asking them to identify the song he was to present to the name of the singer, music director, name of the movie and movie roles played by actor-actress and to text him via a virtual chat. He also welcomed and sang audience farmaishe (song request). All present thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment, music, and dancing tunes, connecting to the artist and attendees. During the musical segment, Nirmal Shah appealed all to pledge their donation to support and further the cause of MySangi. All the donors were recognized by Rajul Shah and Kanan Patrawalla. The inspired and motivated donors helped raise close to $5,000 during the evening.

Jayu Parikh recognized and thanked the singer-artist Umesh Patel for entertaining all with his melodious voice, singing old and new famous Bollywood tunes. She thanked all the attendees and supporters for their trust in MySangi and asked them to stay connected with MySangi for attending future face-to-face events in 2021. Rajul Shah concluded the event and encouraged all to visit MySangi website for upcoming events and activities and to spread word about the organization.

MySangi was established in 2016 as a nonprofit volunteer-based organization aimed at enhancing socialization and creating a support system for over 50-year age singles from Asian Indian community to find new friends, who may be facing similar situation. It was not established as a match making organization, but to provide support system for the singles. 

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