Edison Board of Education President, Biral Patel receives Certified Board Member Status


He is the first one in Edison School District to achieve the milestone

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Edison, NJ

Edison Township Public Schools has recently announced that Biral Patel, the Edison School Board President, was honored at the May 1, 2024, Middlesex County School Board Association meeting. Patel was recognized for earning the status of a Certified Board Member (CBM), being the first one to achieve this distinction in the district.

The CBM status represents the second level of the Board Member Academy certification program and is awarded by the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA). This milestone highlights Patel’s commitment to professional development, leadership, and the essential governance skills needed to carry out his assigned responsibilities effectively.

Patel accomplished a series of tasks and the qualifying requirements to earn the certification, including earning at least 20 cumulative Board Member Academy credits, attending at least four county meetings, one annual NJSBA Workshop, one NJSBA Delegate Assembly, and one statewide or regional professional development program.

On getting awarded this distinctive certification, Patel expressed his gratitude for the recognition and reiterated his commitment to serving the district, acknowledging the support of his colleagues and the community, and highlighting the critical importance of ongoing professional growth and collaborative efforts for the success of the district. Edison Township Public Schools congratulated Patel on this unique achievement.

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