The talented Santa Clara University Students win Inaugural X Developer challenge


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Santa Clara, CA

A team of four young men emerged triumphant at the first-ever X Developer Challenge. Three of them come from the Bay area. When X announced its inaugural Developer Challenge, four Santa Clara University students formed a team and headed to corporate HQ in San Francisco.

During the two-day hackathon, the team poured their collective efforts into developing Insight𝕏, which boasts an impressive array of features. Notably, they pioneered the creation of an “All-Angle” view within the extension, a tool designed to analyze the topic of a post and uncover related perspectives from various authors. This innovative functionality promises to revolutionize how users engage with online content, offering them the opportunity to explore diverse viewpoints effortlessly.

As part of the competition, the team had the honor of presenting their solution directly to Elon Musk, who bought X. Their presentation not only highlighted their technical prowess but also underscored the potential impact of their creation on the digital landscape.

The winning team comprises of Neel V ’25 (economics and computer science double major, math minor), Naveen Govindaraju ’24 (computer science major), Karan Parikh ’25 (computer science and finance double major, math minor) and Tushar Shrivastav ’24 (computer science major).

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