‘Shakti’ The Power Ignites Gala Award Night 2024


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Fords, NJ

‘Shakti’ The Power Awards 2024, powered by Royal Albert Palace was held on March 22nd at Royal Albert Palace, New Jersey. Shakti, as it stands symbolizes the power of women which propels the mission to empower and celebrate this power, inspiring future generations.

Shobna and Sonal, both believe that when women support, encourage, inspire, and learn from each other, women can change the world. With a mission to inspire and empower women, the powerful event showcased outstanding contributions and highlighted the invaluable role of women in society.

‘Shakti’ The Power Awards 2024 paid tribute to the late Shobhna ji, a true inspiration for the empowerment of women.

The event was graced by esteemed individuals including Padma Shri Dr. HR Shah, Albert Jasani, Dr. Dinesh Patel, Dr. Vithal Dhaduk, Sonal Gadhavi, Misha Patel, Dr. Disha Patel, Viru Patel, Mukesh Kashiwala, and many more. This year’s award recipient, Dr. Rachna Kulkarni, exemplifies the essence of Shakti through her remarkable contributions. Other distinguished awardees included Dr. Dipti Pancholi, Dr. Smita Guha, Mrs. Kalpana Patel, Padma Khanna ji, Mrs. Ela Shah, Mrs. Pria Haider, MS Falu Shah, Mrs Neeta Bhasin, Mrs. Nancy Patel, Mrs. Amin, and Mrs. Ruchika Arora.

The event witnessed a grand celebration of women’s power and their Shakti, featuring various activities such as shopping and exhibitions by women-led businesses, cultural events including vintage dance by Tara Dance Academy, Pranavi and singing performances by Neel and Ria Pawar.

The turning point for the gala award night was the Shakti Power Walk showcasing Indian heritage, and a Sustainable Khadi Fashion Show by Sonal Gadhavi that aimed at promoting Women Artisans weaving Handloom Khadi among the youth. Emcees of the glittering award night were Juhi and Shiva Mathur.

The keynote address by Mayor McCormick, along with speeches by HR Shah, Albert Jasani, Dr. Disha Patel, and Dr. Dhaduk, inspired the audience to take an active role in empowering women and recognizing their contributions to society. ‘Shakti’ The Power Awards 2024 received overwhelming support from the community, with a huge crowd cheering for women’s empowerment and celebrating the power of Shakti.

‘Shakti’ The Power Awards is an annual event dedicated to honoring and empowering women who have made significant contributions to society, through recognition and celebration, aiming to inspire future generations and highlighting the invaluable role of women in our communities.

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