Hawaii International Film Festival presents ‘Mrs’ by Arati Kadav


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Honolulu, HI

Filmmaker Arati Kadav’s latest film ‘Mrs’, a remake of the critically acclaimed Malayalam film “The Great Indian Kitchen”, is set to be screened at the 2024 edition of the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF).

One of India’s breakthrough talents Arati Kadav follows up on her successful debut CARGO with this flavorfully choreographed musical cooking drama, akin to the French film “The Taste of Things”, which slices through sexism with green chilies. It guides us through the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine while peeling back layers to reveal the position of women who are often expected only to cook, clean, and submit to their sex-addicted husbands.

In this exotically delicious film, dance teacher Richa finds herself in an overcooked and tasteless happily-ever-after, laced with misogyny, arrogance, and stubbornness. However, the kitchen holds the key to all problems. Richa cooks splendid dishes with love and dedication, refusing to yield to male dominance. The film stars Sanya Malhotra, Nishant Dahiya, and Kanwaljit Singh.

The film, described as a poignant exploration of resilience, will be screened on two days at the festival, according to the official website of the festival. The screenings are scheduled at Consolidated Theatres Kahala 1 on March 23 and March 25 in Hawaii.

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