Raj Mukherji, the State Senator endorses former Gov. McGreevey for Jersey City mayor


Indian American New Jersey State Senator Raj Mukherji, endorsed former Gov. Jim McGreevey for Jersey City mayor at an event at Curry on Restaurant at Newark Ave on 23rdnMarch 2024 – Picture by Mohammed Jaffer, Snapsindia

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Jersey City, NJ

State Senator Raj Mukherji (D-32) endorsed former Gov. Jim McGreevey for Jersey City mayor recently, despite the fact that the election still isn’t for about 19-and-a-half months.

Ward C Councilman Rich Boggiano, former Mayor Jerramiah Healy, and state Senator (D-33)/Union City Mayor Brian Stack confidante Justin Mercado vocalized their support for McGreevey before Mukherji took the podium.

“He doesn’t need to do this at this point in his career, but if the next mayor does the job correctly and as it should be done – there are difficult decisions. It could be, that the next mayor, if they do the job correctly, is gonna be a one-term mayor,” he explained at the Curry On restaurant and lounge on Newark Avenue.

“That might be the sacrifice that needs to be made, I hope not, but that might be true. I read about the other candidates that aspire to the office, [Hudson County] Commissioner [Bill] O’Dea, [Jersey City] Council President [Joyce] Watterman, I’ve worked with them over the years. It’s not that they’re not qualified to do the job, we’ve had a great relationship.”

Indian American New Jersey State Senator Raj Mukherji, after endorsing former Gov. Jim McGreevey for Jersey City mayor at an event at Curry on Restaurant at Newark Ave on 23rd March 2024 – Picture by Mohammed Jaffer, Snapsindia

He continued that McGreevey, also a former state assemblyman, senator, and mayor of Woodbridge, has “unrivaled experience” across the state that will help to keep streets clean, taxes stable, and funding coming into the city from all possible avenues.

Pointing to economic development as a great success, Mukherji said it also makes affordability difficult and forces multi-generation families out in some cases, which is why experience is key in 2025.

“At this moment in Jersey City’s history, there is no one better equipped, better qualified, better suited to lead this city than Jim McGreevey. For that reason, with all of your support, I’m endorsing Jim McGreevey to be the next mayor.”

Mukherji joins nine mayors from the Hudson County Democratic Organization, along with County Executive Craig Guy, in backing McGreevey.

Kearny Mayor Carol Jean Doyle (who wasn’t elected at the time of the endorsement), Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla, and Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop as the exceptions, with North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco indicating last month that he might change his mind.

Former Gov. Jim McGreevey, Jersey City mayor candidate speaking at an event at Curry on Restaurant at Newark Ave on 23rdnMarch 2024 – Picture by Mohammed Jaffer, Snapsindia

“This is our city; this is our community. And what’s so critically important is that we understand this is about families, this is about communities – it’s about our community and our way of life – it’s about how we interact with each other, how we respect each other, and what kind of future we have,” McGreevey said.

“The first is when we talk about affordability, we talk about taxes and we talk about rent. And I think we need to understand, as a number of individuals have said, that the school board is presently spending over a billion dollars a year. And when you look at the trajectory for spending, what you see if that there has been an exponential increase in expenditures, which obviously has an impact in terms of the bottom line on property taxes.”

McGreevey continued that only 10 percent of Jersey City 8th graders in public schools met proficiency standards in math and only one-third are literacy-appropriate in third grade.

He vowed to work with the school district in “being committed to excellence” and quality education being “a cornerstone of our efforts,” as well as keeping property taxes and spending low, he vowed to control costs and live within our means.

Bhavesh Patel, a community leader speaking at the event – Picture by Mohammed Jaffer, Snapsindia

The former governor cited the Pompidou project, which he recently denounced, and the ice rink at Pershing Field being closed for two years as examples of where the city needs to do better, along with $1.6 billion being spent on new sewer and water lines.

“As Raj said, I think this is the most diverse city, not only in this state but in this nation – it represents an American ideal that we believe in a value system of opportunity and responsibility,” McGreevey stated.

“My commitment is to work as hard as you every single day, and bluntly, I don’t have all the answers, but I’m convinced, together, as a community, if we work hard, if we work responsibly, if we work with consistency, we can drive a work ethic that’s going to make Jersey City even better than what it is today.”

The non-partisan Jersey City municipal elections, which include all nine council seats, are on November 4th, 2025.

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