Gandhian Society hosts inter-faith prayer in memory of Mahatma


Balaji Jilla receiving the community service award from Gandhian Society for his service to Handicapped association

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New Jersey, NJ

The Gandhian Society organized an inter-faith prayer meeting in remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi and to end the pandemic in India at the Maharaja Banquet Hall at Royal Albert’s palace in Fords, NJ.

The event was attended by over 200 guests and featured addresses from the Gandhian Society Executive board (add executive board members from flier + good picture if available), followed by community leaders representing various faiths who recited prayers and explained their meanings and its relevance for today’s times.

Chairman of Gandhian Society Dr. H R Shah welcomed the guests and in his opening remarks talked about the great work Gandhian Society is doing in spreading the message of Gandhiji. Founder Bhadra Butala added how important Gandhiji’s message of love, social justice and compassion is important during the COVID 19 pandemic and how Gandhian Society is working towards COVID19 relief work in India and elsewhere.

The event also featured beautiful bhajans sung by Varsha Joshi and other team members of Josh Musical.

Many community leaders and philanthropists doing Gandhian work of self-service were recognized and felicitated by the hands of the Gandhian Society board members. The awardees for Community Service for 2020 are:

Different religious leaders at the prayer meeting

Mr, Bimal Joshi, Mr. Balaji Jilla, Mr. Dipak Shah, Mr. Dipak Pandhya, Mr. Bharat Patel, Dr. Jayesh Patel, Dr. Nimisha Shukla, Padmashri Dr.H R Shah, Mr. Mukund Thakkar, Mr. Ravinder Thota and Dr. Sidhir Parikh.

The following people represented the various faiths at the Inter faith meet:

Mr. Nissin Reuben, Jewish; Mr. Madana Gopal Dasa, ISKCON, Professor Gnanaseharan Selliah, Buddhism; Theertha Balaguru Ji, Hinduism; Staff Sergeant Maninder K Singh, Sikhism; Mr. Joby George, Christian; Mr. Kamal Daga, Jainism, Mr. Prabhujee Singh, Sikhism, Iman Khawaja, Muslim; Mr. Shaheed Slim, Muslim; and Mr. Minash Shah, Jainism.

Rajendar Dichapally, Dr. Deepak Naran, Hasmukh Patel, Shiv Kumar, Gunjesh Desai and Mahesh Wani (core members of the Gandhian society) provided updates on projects (COVID19 relief effort, rescue and rehabilitation of street children and medical and nutritional counselling of tribal adolescent girls) and made an appeal to people to support Gandhian society in spreading Gandhiji’s message as well as in the humanitarian projects they do.

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