99-Year-old Indian woman Granted US Citizenship


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Orlando, FL

A 99-year-old Indian woman, Daibai, has been granted US citizenship. Making the announcement, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) described Daibai as a “lively” individual.

“They say age is just a number. That seems true for this lively 99-year-old who became a #NewUSCitizen in our Orlando office. Daibai is from India and was excited to take the Oath of Allegiance. She’s pictured with her daughter and our officer who swore her in. Congrats Daibai,” USCIS said in a post on X.

The USCIS also captured the heartfelt moment when the elderly woman, seated in a wheelchair, proudly held her citizenship certificate. Alongside her in the frame, there was her daughter and the officer who administered the oath.

USCIS is tasked with handling immigrant visa petitions, naturalization applications, asylum applications, and green card applications. The agency also handles petitions for non-immigrant temporary workers such as H-1B visas, which are used by hundreds of Indian techies to work in the US.

While several are celebrating Daibai’s getting citizenship, some Indian X users are questioning why it took so long for the US to complete the naturalization process. The Indian woman has been staying in Florida with her daughter for years. “Most Indians in employment-based green card backlog would look like this by the time they get their green cards,” wrote a user.

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