World Vegan Vision’s New Jersey Chapter Inspires Youth and Advocates Veganism


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Edison, NJ

World Vegan Vision’s New Jersey Chapter recently organized two impactful events geared towards empowering youth and championing veganism as a compassionate and sustainable lifestyle choice.

Dr. Kalindi Bakshi, President of the NJ Chapter, spearheaded a series of workshops aimed at educating teenagers on the advantages of plant-based nutrition. These workshops, hosted at Arya Samaj of New Jersey in Park Ridge and Hindu Samaj Mandir in Mahwah, emphasized the significance of sustainable dietary practices and shed light on the essential nutrients present in plant-based foods.

Under the leadership of Sanjukta Basu for the ASNJ Youth Group and Anu Sehgal, Preeti Bansal, Monika Dhawan, and Dr. Savita Khosla for the Bergen County Youth Group of Hindu Samaj Mandir, these events are poised to inspire young individuals to adopt a lifestyle grounded in compassion and environmental awareness.

In a separate event on February 24th, World Vegan Vision was represented at the PSRM Mini Meditation Summit, a gathering celebrating meditation and spiritual science in the USA. Participants engaged in discussions about the significance of veganism and its positive effects on health, animals, and the environment. The event featured enlightening talks by Abha Devarajan, emphasizing the importance of vegan outreach and addressing vegan-related queries. Notable participants at this session included Dr. Namràta Shah and Varsha Ji.

World Vegan Vision, founded by H.K & Malti Shah, is dedicated to promoting veganism globally as a compassionate and sustainable way of life. Through initiatives like workshops and events, the organization aims to motivate individuals to align their lifestyles with principles that prioritize personal health, ethical treatment of animals, and environmental sustainability.

World Vegan Vision is a global 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to educating and inspiring individuals worldwide to embrace a plant-based lifestyle for improved personal health, animal welfare, and environmental well-being.

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