New York and Bay Area nudges for a poverty free India


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New York, NY

The/Nudge Institute recently organized The/Nudge in New York and the Bay Area to share their work, progress and aspirations with an amazing gathering of around 90 people at the events.

The event in New York conveyed its heartfelt thanks to Kartik Sawhney (founder, I-Stem), and Manu Chopra (founder, Karya) who inspired The/Nudge throughout its journeys, and thanked Pooja Mishra Prahlad, its founding supporter, for moderating the chat.

Moreover, in the Bay Area event, more than 90 people got together at Stanford to learn more about its path-leading work and impact at The/Nudge Institute. At the event, MR Rangaswami and Shailesh Rao both shared their association and journey of supporting The/Nudge.

Mohit Saxena, cofounder of InMobi, moderated an insightful discussion with two of our social entrepreneurs, namely Arti Dhar, cofounder of Farmers for Forests (F4F) and Vivek Seshadri, cofounder of Karya with both being at the core of building resilient livelihoods for India’s poor.

The/Nudge offered gratitude to some of its founding supporters; Ari and Srinivas, Pankaj Gupta, and Vaibhav Chidrewar and expressed thanks for the support received from everyone for The/Nudge event.

The/Nudge Institute was established in 2015 to contribute to a poverty-free India. As per them, over 364 million Indians live below the poverty line, and 115 million of them are in ultra-poverty.

The/Nudge Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating resilient livelihoods for all in India. Their mission is to work towards a poverty-free India by 2047.

The/Nudge Institute believes that large problems need solutions at a population scale. The Institute innovates, discovers and seed livelihoods solutions and enables them to scale for building resilient livelihoods.

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