Thalappil Pradeep from IIT Madras joins US-based National Academy of Engineering (NAE)


Pradeep is the Deepak Parekh Institute Chair Professor and professor of chemistry at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras

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Pradeep, Thalappil, Deepak Parekh Institute Chair Professor and professor of chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India joins NAE as an International member for contributions to cluster chemistry and the discovery and implementation of affordable drinking water solutions.

In a social media post, IIT Madras highlighted that it is one of the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer and congratulated Prof. Thalappil Pradeep for becoming the 23rd foreign member from India at the United States National Academy of Engineering.

He was instrumental in the discovery of noble metal nanoparticles that degrade halocarbons efficiently to amorphous carbon and metal halides at room temperature and at low concentrations. This discovery has led to the world’s first nanochemistry-based water filter for pesticide removal as many pesticides of relevance are halocarbons. This technology is estimated to have reached about 9 million people.

His team has developed several other technologies to remove other contaminants from drinking water. Combining several such materials, an all-inclusive affordable drinking water purifier has been developed. An exciting aspect of this technology is the creation of advanced materials by simple and environment-friendly methods. This technology, named AMRIT, is being implemented now in the arsenic-affected regions of India. About one million people have benefitted from these installations.

He is amongst the recently elected 114 new members and 21 international members, as announced by NAE President John L. Anderson. The inclusion of these Indian Americans brings the total U.S. membership to 2,310 and the number of international members to 332.

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