Shreya Ghoshal to heat up the stages across the world to celebrate her 20 years in Bollywood


The singing sensation is all set to perform in USA from 4th to 19th in the month of November 2022. This special concert tour is organized by one of the biggest event organizers INTENSE ENTERTAINMENT

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As the world is working its way back to a level of normalcy after the pandemic, the music industry is also trying to bring back happiness and certain excitement by resuming music tours and concerts. Bringing the euphoria back to the stage in the festive season, the renowned Bollywood songstress Shreya Ghoshal, who’s known for her melodious and soulful singing and robust on-stage energy, will headline a concerts across the world in different countries.

This year, Shreya Ghoshal along with her band and crew, already has performed at world-class venues in UAE (twice), London, Birmingham, Kochi, Kolkata, Thiruvalla, New Delhi, Bangalore, Indore and now are scheduled to perform in a 5-city Australia-New Zealand tour from 7th to 16th October 2022 and in Ireland on 29th October 2022 and The Netherlands on 30th October 2022 as well. And then she is all set to perform in USA from 4th to 19th in the month of November 2022.

This is going to be the ultimate musical tour to celebrate twenty years of iconic singer Shreya Ghoshal which will bring back timeless tunes and memories from her singing journey to the music lovers. This high-profile international large-scale live-music concert will be a seven-city tour across the US in the month of November 2022 and has been going on other parts of countries this whole year.

This special concert tour is organized by one of the biggest event organizers INTENSE ENTERTAINMENT owned by Manish Sood and Deepa Shahani Sood, both Indian-born-US citizens now, who hosted more than 85 shows with every Bollywood renowned singer. The tour starts on the 4th Nov in New Jersey, followed by Dallas, Texas on the 5th Nov, Washington, DC on 11th Nov, Oakland, Bay Area on 12th Nov, Los Angeles on 13th Nov, Orlando, Florida on 18th Nov, and New York on the 19th November 2022. They promise to be nights of coming together and enjoying their favorite singer’s enthralling performances for the Indian diaspora and Bollywood music lovers in the US.

On being asked about the tour, the popular Bollywood singer Shreya Ghoshal excitedly said, “This US tour is very special for me as I am completing twenty years in Bollywood, and what a beautiful way to celebrate my journey with my fans. Coincidentally this is my first tour in the US after the unfortunate pandemic disruption. I am humbled to be a part of the concert and to be able to continue entertaining my fans. I always had an amazing experience performing for the warm crowd of US and I am quite excited to perform there after three long years”.

US fans can expect a scintillating and energetic performance from the popular Bollywood songstress. With a beautiful versatile vocal range, Shreya will enthrall fans not only with her popular Bollywood hits but also with her famous love ballads, regional songs in different Indian languages, folk songs originating from different parts of India exhibiting the culture, raag-based songs & classical songs.

Talking about the event, Mr. Manish Sood said, “There is a certain excitement about attending a live concert and we can’t be happier bringing back the symphonious singer Shreya who has given us glorious music. The idea behind the ‘Shreya Ghoshal US Tour’ is to celebrate her journey as well as it will be a tribute to legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar Ji. We are ready to make new memories and cherish old ones on this tour.”

This concert is a celebration of brilliant music and memories and will definitely be a great way to connect with music lovers across the world. With Shreya Ghoshal, an array of global musicians also joined her on stage who are part of Shreya’s journey with her. Kinjal Chattopadhyay is the male singer who is performing with Shreya along with musicians Mr. Abhishek Pradeepkumar Dasgupta & Jobin Joshua David as guitarists, keyboardist Abhishek Babaji Mestry & Vatan Dhuriya, flautist Rajeev Prasanna, Bass Guitarist Sanglap Sengupta, drummer Jairaj Shrikant, octopad and percussionist Ganesh Bhau Thorat & Umakant Parab as an indian rhythm instruments player such as tabla, dholak, dholki. This tour will not be a regular musical concert but also be a unique culturally act.

The organizers have been working nonstop to treat the music lovers in the world.
The concert tickets are now available through the event company’s website

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