Indian Consulate in Atlanta strongly condemns fatal attack on Indian student


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Lithonia, GA

The Consulate General of India in Atlanta has expressed ‘deep anguish’ and strongly condemned the fatal attack on a 25-year-old Indian student Vivek Saini. The consulate has noted that US authorities have arrested the accused and are investigating the case.

Vivek Saini, who had recently earned an MBA degree in the US, was hammered to death by a homeless drug addict whom he had been helping for the past couple of days in Georgia state’s Lithonia city. Saini worked part-time at the store as a clerk and other employees told the police they were sheltering Faulkner for almost 2 days. The employees gave him chips, a coke, water and a jacket to keep himself warm.

“We are deeply anguished by the terrifying, brutal, & heinous incident that led to the death of Indian National/student Mr Vivek Saini & condemns attack in the strongest terms. It is understood that the US authorities have arrested the accused & are investigating the case,” the Indian Consulate said in a post on X Monday.

The employees said that they did not ask Faulkner to get out of the store because they knew it was cold outside. However, on January 16, Saini asked Faulkner to leave, or he would call the police.

According to the police, Faulkner attacked Saini with a hammer as he was leaving for home. When the police arrived later, they discovered Faulkner with the hammer standing over the lifeless body of Saini.

Saini had gone to the US two years ago after completing his B Tech in Computer Science from Chandigarh University. He had recently completed his MBA from Alabama University, according to his family in Haryana’s Barwala.

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