BJP MP Dr Sudhanshu Trivedi felicitated by OFBJP


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Edison, NJ

One of the outstanding speakers and Member of Parliament Dr Sudhanshu Trivedi was recently felicitated in New Jersey by OFBJP Atlanta at an event organized by Amar Goswami.

The highlight of the day was the high attendance which gathered on a weekday on a short notice at the event held at TV ASIA Auditorium. The event was supported by several organizations and community leaders. Nilesh Dasondi, the CEO of Divya Bhaskar North American Edition, in his address recognized the exceptional work done by Dr Trivedi.

Dr H R Shah, Nilesh Dasondi with Sudhanshu Trivedi, Member of Parliament

Amar Goswami invited the media and community leaders to support the upcoming elections in Gujarat. Other speakers who spoke included, Dr H R Shah, Mr Reddy of OFBJP, Dr Sudhir Parikh and Dhiren Amin of IBA.

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