Tallest Hanuman statue to be unveiled in Brampton


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A 55-foot-tall statue of the Hindu deity Hanuman is being built at the Hindu Sabha Mandir in Brampton and is set to be unveiled in April next year to mark Hanuman Jayanti. The statue is 95% complete, according to a temple priest. The statue is being created by Rajasthan sculptor Naresh Kumawat. Kumawat, known for his expertise in sculpting Hindu deities, has erected over 200 statues across 80 countries.

Previously, Kumawat constructed Canada’s former tallest Hanuman statue, standing at 50 feet at the Voice of Vedas temple.

However, vigilance around the statue and the temple has been increased as there were reported attacks on social media condemning the construction of the statue.  A handle posted about it that this was “another reminder that we need an immediate halt on all immigration into Canada.”

A priest at the temple said that there is security at the temple, and there will be night vigil as well. He said that there have been complaints from the people to the administration and also bashing on social media by some people who are unhappy about the construction of the statue. He added that the statue is entirely being funded through donations on the premises of the temple and did not violate any municipal norms.

Notably, Brampton has witnessed many pro-Khalistan activities in the recent past. In July, posters “War Zone”, targeting Indian diplomats in Canada surfaced outside the Bharat Mata Mandir in Brampton. In November, pro-Khalistani elements held protests at a consular camp for issuing life certificates to the Indian government pensioners.

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