British Government announces winners of 2024 Marshall Scholarships


The largest class in 70-year history; has 5 Indian origin students among the winners

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The British Government recently announced the 51 winners of 2024 Marshall Scholarships, the largest class in the seven decades-running scholarship program, with 5 students of Indian origin. The recipients, considered among America’s most accomplished undergraduate university students and recent graduates, were chosen following an intense selection process and will begin graduate studies at top universities across the United Kingdom next year.

The Indian origin students who won this prestigious scholarship are Anushree Chaudhuri, Arushi Avachat, Hari Choudhari, Sarosh Nagar and Simar Bajaj.

Anushree Chaudhuri, from San Diego, California, is studying Urban Studies and Planning as well as Economics towards a combined SB and Masters in City Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As a Marshall Scholar, Anushree will pursue a MPhil/PhD in Environmental Policy and Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Arushi Avachat, from the Bay Area, California, is studying English and Political Science with a minor in South Asian Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. As a Marshall Scholar, Arushi will pursue an MA in English and American Studies as well as an MA in Global and Imperial History at the University of Oxford.

Hari Choudhari from Bangalore, India is currently studying International Politics with minors in History and German at Georgetown University. As a Marshall Scholar, he will study Conflict Transformation and Social Justice at Queen’s University Belfast, followed by an MSc in Global Leadership and Peacebuilding at King’s College London.

Sarosh (Northbrook, IL) is a senior at Harvard where he has a perfect record and is dual-concentrating in chemistry and economics with a minor in government. Sarosh wishes to read for two taught Master’s: one in Innovation, Public Policy and Public Value at University College London, and the second in Global Governance and Diplomacy at the University of Oxford.

Simar Bajaj, from Fremont, California, is currently completing BAs in Chemistry and in the History of Science at Harvard University. He plans to continue his studies by obtaining an MSc in Global Health and Epidemiology at the University of Oxford.

The Marshall Scholarship program was created by an Act of British Parliament in 1953 as a living memorial to former US Secretary of State General George C. Marshall and the US for assistance under the Marshall Plan. The scholarship allows for up to three years of graduate study in any academic topic at any university in the UK.

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